Podcasting 101


After not reviving the Filipina writing project, I realized that I got quite lost on how to continue this podcast blog. However, I hope I can take this opportunity to revive this blog and resume podcasting hereon. Let me start by giving an overview about podcasting.

A podcast is like a radio program where you can upload/download an audio recording of a conversation or speech. It has an archive allowing listeners to check out past episodes.

Being able to access past episodes is what makes podcast special over traditional radio programs. Depending on how you planned it, this may create opportunities for compilation publishing later on - especially if you are tackling an interesting topic over a period of time.

Listeners can search for new podcast online and download ones they are interested in. These can be played later on or be transferred to media players such as a mobile phone, mp3 players, and the likes.

Podcast can also complement traditional text-based blogs. You can do a voice recording of your blog post for subscribers to download and listen to at their own leisure time.

Podcast are often used for knowledge sharing, commentary, music news, entertainment, among others.

Learn more about podcasting at Blogging from Home Online Workshop.

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